What We Do
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What We Do

At the intersection of human capital and business strategy.

Benton + Bradford specializes in building organizational and human resources efficiency to enhance strategic business goals. Through detailed collaboration, we partner with you to:

Select, onboard and develop talent
Conquer cultural roadblocks
Align staffing with organizational business objectives
Develop and execute diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies and tactics
Amplify employee strengths and minimize weaknesses through self-awareness
Guide teams through organizational change to capitalize on market opportunities

“Benton+Bradford sets itself apart by transforming experiences and perspectives into actionable behaviors that enhance business performance.”

Learn More About Us

Whether you need to refine your Executive Coaching/Leadership Development, HR consulting, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy and Tactics, or Recruitment approaches, we focus on the human aspect of the business. We cultivate a commitment to your plan of execution and oversee change that drives achievement.

The Benton+Bradford Process

Phase 1 – Engagement

Initiation: Meet with key stakeholders to launch the project, determine measures for success and create Statement of Work.

Research: Use current organizational data and history to understand company culture, nuances and climate, and leverage our industry experience and proprietary methods to identify trends and potential challenges.

Interviews: Conduct qualitative meetings with leadership to understand business goals, middle management to understand challenges, and the front line to understand work procedures.

Phase 2 – Strategy Development

Analysis: Based on collected data and interviews, identify gaps and develop a progressive strategy for forward organizational momentum.

Tactical Plan: Recommend strategy-based tactics and accompanying measurements to demonstrate current success and identify improvement opportunities.

Phase 3 – Implementation

Execution: Develop implementation team and provide counsel throughout the strategy and tactical plan implementation process.

Follow Up: Remain on-call as new opportunities surface throughout the process to sustain success.

Culture and Leadership Check-up

Answer these questions to see if your organizational culture is preventing the achievement of greater business outcomes.

Are employees motivated by your company vision?

Does your company encourage and reward innovation and risk-taking?

Do you have a business planning process that involves all team members in some way?

Do you continually assess and improve ways of working?

When employees ignore core values, are they held accountable?

Do you continually invest in skill-building for all employees?

Do employees understand your customers' wants and needs?

Does your business strategy drive other organizations to change how they compete in the marketplace?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, contact us for a free 30-minute phone consult.

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