Executive Coaching / Leadership Development
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Executive Coaching / Leadership Development

For leaders, for teams, for high-potentials.

Benton + Bradford develops individualized coaching and leadership development plans that guide executives and middle managers to progress with relevant, actionable insights.

Coaching sessions can be conducted in person or online.  Benton + Bradford performs assessments (360º and Hogan Assessments) and establishes goals with the business that fuel a collaborative coaching plan.

Our customized leadership development programs guide teams through a deep evaluation of their composition and values, and how to translate their identity into improved business results.

Through regular review sessions, we can work together to monitor progress and allow for reassessment of goals and focus, including:

Executive Coaching / Leadership Development


For Leaders

  • Helping leaders transition to new roles and responsibilities.
  • Identifying what teams need to overcome pressing challenges.
  • Navigating stress triggers, cultural landmines and other personal dynamics that threaten business advancement.

For Teams

  • Improving team cohesion for greater agility in responding to market changes.
  • Rejuvenating team dynamics and collaboration.

For High-Potentials

  • Refining and strengthening the skills of high performers to further personal and business advancement.
  • Influencing high potentials who need better soft skills or a sharper focus on values to achieve personal and business potential.
What challenges are holding back your leaders, or their teams? Together, let’s develop a plan that inspires next-level performance.

Case Studies

Executive Coaching

Our client, a leader in the communications and content space, engaged the firm to assist a key senior leader with a mid-career transition. While historically a star performer, this leader’s performance had declined in the new role. The organization needed this individual to deliver strong results with their new team for the division to be successful.


We met with the VP HR and the leader’s manager to understand the needs of the organization along with the individual’s performance strengths and areas of development. We then assessed the leader with the Hogan and a 360º assessment with Emotional Quotient. From these assessments, focusing on evident strengths, we charted a course to improve individual and team performance. The interventions included biweekly coaching, reviewing business strategy and discussing ways to gain collaboration from peers with clear alignment within the team.


Our efforts resulted in the leader rapidly improving individual performance and advancing team performance beyond executive leadership’s expectations. The leader was better able to collaborate with peers, lead a diverse team more effectively and communicate desired results in a manner that enabled the team to take action. The leader and their team successfully delivered needed results for the division, solidifying a high-performance position within the organization.

New Leader Transition Coach

A senior HR leader was promoted from within the company.

  • We worked with our client’s HR and Operational leadership teams to identify focus areas and ensure successful onboarding. We performed a Hogan assessment to understand day-to-day operations and stress behaviors and uncover strengths to emphasize in business performance plans.
  • We facilitated weekly face-to-face coaching meetings to identify improvement areas and foster practical, real-time strategies.
  • We provided review and input to create an HR strategy and organizational design to ensure a seamless department deployment.

The HR leader enjoyed a successful transition, as measured by the rapid adoption of a new HR structure that increased both the resolution of employee relations issues and the speed at which the organization adopted change.

Leadership Development / Sales Team Coaching

B+B helped a partner develop and execute a two-day sales leadership summit and coached five sales leaders for two months following the event.

  • We worked with our partner’s VP of Sales to determine focus areas and ensure that company leaders understood how to manage through others and coach their teams for increased sales execution against changing business environments.
  • We conducted weekly meetings with sales leaders to discuss new strategies for overcoming business and sales performance challenges.

Our efforts inspired our partner’s top sales month of the year and garnered recognition from partner executives for our impactful contributions.