Recruiting / RPO
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Recruiting / RPO

Recruiting is a relationship driven, detailed and time-consuming discipline.

Internal staffing teams overwhelmed with placement demands need an outside partner to help plan and execute. In addition to recruitment services, Benton+Bradford assists with managing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firms. We understand how to seek and hire the right firm to manage your day-to-day tactics and ensure success.

B+B’s mastery of the art and science of search leads to superior hiring decisions. For executive search, we combine our knowledge of your business and the requirements of the role with a behaviorally-based framework to match the right experience and competencies for your organization.

Our proven process includes:



We leverage our network, referral sources and proprietary methods to build a target candidate list.



Our relationship-based approach gains prospective candidates’ trust and generates interest in your opportunity



Assessment of prospective candidates: Through our executive search assessments, organizations are more likely to find candidates that they not only would retain but ultimately promote.
Comparative assessment: We evaluate candidate assessments against statistically validated indicators of success, which are customized to reflect the specific culture and position requirements.

Does your organization have business-critical roles that demand specialized talent? See how Benton+Bradford can fill your bench.

Case Studies

RPO Business Integration

An automotive client engaged B+B to assist with the integration of a Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution across 58 U.S. locations.

  • We worked with our partner’s HR leadership team to understand corporate and local office needs and hiring trends.
  • We created weekly recruiting dashboards and held calls with local offices to discuss recruiting challenges and successes.
  • We also developed a workforce planning worksheet to assist locations with identifying staffing needs and proactively closing gaps.

Our collaborative efforts produced a higher volume of credible candidates for desired roles than our partner recruited in the previous year.

Financial Services Recruitment

A financial services company engaged the firm to assist with the recruitment of corporate banking professionals in 7 major U.S. cities.

  • We worked with HR leadership and banking executives to understand the needs of the various locations and the requirements for the roles. Key requirement: professionals that came from large corporate banks with a book of business.
  • We identified candidates from research and from relationships within the bank. Once interviewed we worked with banking leadership to gain approval of offers.

All offers made were accepted by the preferred candidates. In their new roles, these candidates produced business for the bank ahead of revenue forecasts.

Vice President Public Relations Search (Diversity)

A major entertainment attraction client required candidates for the top communications job — Vice President of Public Relations. Filling the position was critical for the company as this person was central to upcoming product launches and international branding efforts. The client made a specific request for a diverse slate of candidates as the leadership team needed to be more representative of their workforce. Additionally, the company wanted to be better positioned to penetrate diverse markets.

The challenge was that the communications field is nearly 90 percent non-minority professionals (according to the U.S. Labor Bureau). The client had worked with other firms but was unable to find quality candidates suitable for this executive-level role.

  • We expanded our typical search pool by developing a network within minority-based social groups and associations across the country. This effort gave our team exposure to top executive talent that might not be easily accessed through traditional channels.
  • We contacted and interviewed more than 100 candidates for this search to thoroughly screen the candidates for skill, culture and leadership fit.

The strategic search resulted in our team finding highly-qualified, diverse candidates through non-traditional sources that we presented to the client. Feedback from both the candidate hired and the client demonstrated that they both considered the placement highly successful.