Strategic and Impactful Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Efforts

Making better decisions about people and the differences they bring to your business benefits employees, customers and key stakeholders.

Best in class organizations understand the value of leveraging the skills and perspectives of employees from all backgrounds to create the best products for their customers.

Unconscious bias and lack of trust, awareness, and candor may be among the reasons teams don’t fulfill their projected potential. Diversity, equity, and inclusion coaching, combined with ongoing strategies to drive more sophisticated approaches to decision-making, can transform workplaces for long-term effectiveness and viability.

With nearly two decades of experience developing and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies across multiple companies and industries, Benton+Bradford understands how to position an organization’s full capabilities for optimal business success.

We develop diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies that foster a welcoming and collaborative culture, and bring about innovative, sustainable, and performance-driven team dynamics.

"Through our work with B+B, we defined DEI for our organization, linked it to our core values, identified actionable ways to create psychological safety and a sense of belonging for team members, and created understanding about what it means for our business when we successfully implement a DEI strategy."
Javier Feliciano
EVP & Chief People Officer,
Meritage Homes
"B+B helped us explore and develop a definition of diversity and inclusion that stemmed from our view that every individual brings unique and valuable strengths to the enterprise. From this perspective, we recruited, developed and retained team members that shared our values and contributed their very best work — resulting in the exceptional performance of the company."
Cheryl Bachelder
Former CEO, Popeyes
"Richard ensured that our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative would lead toward making our company more inclusive, transparent and welcoming of feedback. He did all of those things and generated positive energy that our team can harness to make decisions that improve our company as we grow."
David Penake
CEO, Saol Therapeutics
"B+B helped us define DEI in a way that stays true to our culture and values, and is accessible for our franchisors, staff, teachers, and families. Richard created a clear DEI strategy rooted in our principles of leadership and equipped our leaders to carry it forward."
Sarah Funk
Senior Vice President, Chief Talent and Performance Officer at Primrose Schools
Does Your Company Culture Truly Enable All Employees to Comfortably Voice Their Unique Perspectives? Are You Confident in The Answer To This Question? Let’s Explore Inclusion Efforts That Dovetail With Company Goals.