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HR Consulting / Program Management

“Focus on the critical few to achieve the biggest impact.”


he human aspect of business is just as important as the business strategy itself, and people selection, onboarding and development solutions are essential to business growth. In today’s complex environment, companies can no longer give a directive and expect everyone to “get on board.” To achieve business objectives, employees need to feel equipped, informed and valued within their organizations.

Benton+Bradford’s unique evaluative approach helps our partners understand how to best leverage the skills, behaviors and potential of their talent to reach current and future business objectives. This deep dive emphasizes several core operational and cultural areas, including:

Core Operational and Cultural Areas



Best in class organizations understand the value of leveraging the skills and perspectives of employees from all backgrounds to create the best products for their customers.

With nearly two decades of experience developing and implementing diversity and inclusion strategies across multiple companies and industries, Benton+Bradford understands how to position an organization’s full capabilities for optimal business success.

We develop diversity strategies that foster a welcoming and collaborative culture, and bring about innovative, sustainable and performance-driven team dynamics.


Program Management

Today’s most successful organizations understand the importance of long-range planning in recruiting and retaining productive, energetic professionals, rather than scrambled, short-term efforts focused only on immediate needs.

A thorough succession plan can maintain continuity and ensure smooth leadership transitions over time. Businesses cannot afford to lose outstanding middle managers who may feel unsure about their value and potential, as any potential departure can create potentially damaging knowledge and experience voids.

Benton+Bradford has guided a host of partners through succession plan development to close gaps and account for continued excellence. This also includes the creation of internship programs that establish a talent pipeline with top colleges and position your company as a destination workplace for young talent.

Concerned that your business plan is missing the mark? Benton+Bradford can help you leverage your people to bring your goals to life.

Case Studies


B+B oversaw an HR and business realignment for a leader in the convention, sporting and events industry, including an in-depth review of HR operations, assessment of current staff and job functions, and definition of its new HR Leader position.

  • We interviewed executives, business line leadership and HR employees to understand the needs of and opportunities for the company’s HR department.
  • From these interviews, we developed and presented recommendations to our partner’s leadership team for approval.

Our partner’s executive leadership team and board members approved the new HR structure and job descriptions. We then conducted a successful search for a qualified candidate to fill the HR Leader role. Since this assignment, our partner has improved its organizational efficiency by successfully aligning its HR functions with its overall business objectives, all while continuing to attract renowned sporting events, conferences and concerts.


Despite garnering external accolades for its diversity and inclusion programs, a partner in the quick-service restaurant space struggled to translate these initiatives into better internal collaboration and acceptance. Our partner aimed to engage its entire workforce and drive retention and customer satisfaction through its renewed diversity and inclusion efforts.

  • We interviewed key constituents and the senior leadership team to gauge key diversity issues from various perspectives.
  • From these interviews, we developed and presented recommendations for a diversity strategy that focused not just on expanding the talent pool, but also on translating this range of skills and abilities into business success.

Working together, B+B and our partner developed a successfully adopted diversity strategy that included the company’s first Diversity Steering Committee Charter.