What I Learned in Business
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What I Learned in Business

Trust is built over years and destroyed in seconds. Cherish it.

Good bosses are like good parents. Appreciate them while you have them because when they are gone you will miss them even more.

When leading a sense of purpose is important. Purpose gives others a reason to follow you.

Courage is the one virtue that without which all others is meaningless.

Intuition is underrated. Follow your gut about people and situations. It’s nature’s way of alerting you to danger or opportunity.

Understand what your core purpose is and stay true to it. It’s the only thing that will matter and you will derive satisfaction from.

It bears repeating but if you follow your dreams and stay true to them you will not only earn a living but you will lead more satisfying life.

Develop hobbies and relationships outside of work. They help to refresh and provide perspective that will prove useful when working.

When someone tells you that you don’t fit into a certain culture that’s a sign that you can help to innovate. Press forward with care. You don’t want to wreck the place

Fear: if you find that your actions are motivated by fear take a gut check. Actions that are motivated by fear never turn out well.

Derive meaning from your work and those you serve – it’s one of life’s higher callings

Make sure that your daily interactions have meaning for you and for others.

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