Richard Smith
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Author: Richard Smith

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Leadership Through our Feelings: Lessons from Home

At home with my two young sons, we often talk about big feelings. When children experience certain feelings for the first time, these emotions can seem overwhelming. How can I do anything when I feel so angry/sad/frightened? Recently I received communication

Leadership in Action: Customer Experience

Who is responsible for the customer experience in your organization? If you think it’s only team members in client or customer service roles, that would be wrong. It’s everyone’s responsibility. And beyond that, those we serve aren’t just outside our organizations. We

Leadership in Action: Trusted Relationships

We often hear the phrase “You can’t do it alone.” On some days, if you’re full of caffeine and enthusiasm, you may believe you can singlehandedly accomplish whatever “it” is on your list. But even if you could, operating solo isn’t sustainable.

Leadership Values in Action: Curiosity

Many managers are surprised to learn that curiosity is an essential trait for being an effective people leader. Think about it. If you think you already know all the answers, you won’t be looking for anyone else’s take on an issue

Where Candidate Selection and Culture Intersect

Finding the right person to fill a critical role is often a challenge. When a poor-fit candidate is selected, the costs associated with correcting the hire can be much higher than typical employee turnover costs. Beyond the financial impact, colleagues

Leadership Values in Action: Influence without Authority

While the phrase isn’t new, you’re likely seeing “influence without authority” in the professional world more frequently these days. It’s in the performance assessment criteria. It’s in job descriptions for all manager levels. Tools and classes focus on its practice.

Post-Pandemic Priorities for Leaders

We’ve dealt with the loss. What did we gain? As humans, we are well aware of all the negative impacts of the pandemic that began to impact our daily lives in early 2020. But in my work coaching leaders, I often

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